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I'm Ashley Blanc Founder & CEO

I'm a mother of 4 wonderful boys a native of Trinidad and Tobago and I grew up in Baltimore. Ever since I was young I was a planner and a forward thinker. I wanted to be a lawyer since I was in 3rd grade. In Middle school still wanting to be a lawyer I added being an on air radio host to my list of wanted careers. I never felt like I had to choose one over the other; I knew I was capable of doing both! 


In all honesty that's how I live my life, I know choices sometimes have to be made, but I believe that anything you want you are capable of having as long as you have alignment with your mindset and belief it's already yours! 

In my later years I got married, had kids, became a vet tech, ran a small business, separated and then divorced all while attending colleges where I received an AA degree in Mass Communications and a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Media and film with a minor concentration in Business Administration. I never missed a beat, I never took semesters off, I never asked for extensions I just kept pushing towards my goals. That persistence landed me an internship at Radio One where I produced, did on air slots and then landed a job at CBS Radio as a producer. 

Of course I wanted more stability career wise, wanted to get a home for my kids and create generational wealth. So my plans adapted again where I wanted to work for the government. I got a full time job there where I started to develop an early retirement plan for myself and figuring out ways to have multiple streams of income with the continued actions of working for myself!


I realized that I didn't want to retire in the U.S. because it was more costly, it didn't provide me the true freedom to travel and have amazing experiences that I wanted to have, and I would've had to wait until I was too old to fully be able to enjoy my retirement after already giving into working 30-40 years of my life. Enter in Europe! I started visualizing being in a nice house in Italy and being able to travel to other countries like Amsterdam, Belgium, France etc. in my mid 40's to early 50's.


I realized that planning my early retirement meant planning around having a 2nd home in Europe and after a few years of being in my career, building up my business, buying a home, creating a company where I also became a certified life coach and having more stability I decided it was time for law school while still working in my regular career.

I am proud to say that I have reached all of my goals and surpassed them. I have an AA degree, A Bachelor's and I am a Juris Master with concentrations in Litigation and Arbitration, Dispute Resolution such as negotiation, mediation and Ombudsman and Human Resources Law!

How I Purchased My First European Home

I bought my first home in the United States at age 32 (My goal that I set for myself was age 35). I knew I wanted to own other properties in the U.S. but I always loved to travel and kept with the plan of wanting to retire abroad. I constructed an entire financial plan utilizing my resources to have a cash budget range that I wanted to have funds to purchase my home abroad with because I didn't want to create more debt or be wrapped up in another loan for years of my life that would force me to have to work longer than my retired age goal.


I then started looking at homes! I saw the articles and advertisements for Euro 1 dollar homes, but many of them were not what I wanted, some required a lot of work, some had time limits for repairs to be done etc. I researched areas, provinces, demographics, general Information, emailed people and then I found the place that I wanted to buy my home where I also negotiated my price, formed a beautiful bond with amazing people and gained a wealth of information during my home buying process.

During the pandemic I purchased my first home in Italy in a beautiful town in the northern region that was move in ready, needed no work and no repairs, I didn't finance anything, no credit checks needed and I own my home FREE AND CLEAR! The BEST PART of it all is that I paid less than S40,000! and I did it by utilizing my plan that I created to have the funds! The day I landed in Italy was the same day my home became mines! To add to that I own a home in France.  I didn't want to stop there so I started looking into other places like Belgium, Croatia, Spain and Switzerland, where I have made contacts and found a host of information regarding homes. It also helps that I learned Italian and am now becoming fluent in French!


I realized that the stories and articles written about people who bought homes in Italy at cheap prices and Euro 1 dollar homes, no one was talking detail about it, teaching people what they learned, making contacts or sharing their experiences and knowledge. I love Europe, I love my homes and I was able to build generational wealth and create streams of additional income by purchasing my homes.


So I decided that's what I wanted to do, teach people how to purchase their homes using my methods, sharing the entire process and providing the tools needed so that others can purchase with confidence and realize that owning a home in Europe is attainable! I created my firm and have helped others and now I want to help you!


Spots are limited in my Master Classes so book now while seats are still available or take a look at my Liaison, Strategy Planning or International Investor Workshop consultation/services that we provide if you want to dive right in!!



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